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Corporate Information
  Shanghai Tuofeng Special Paper Co., Ltd.
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  Shanghai Tuofeng Special Paper Co., Ltd.
contact us
Company Address: Room 1112, Shimeng Landmark Plaza, No. 876, Tunxi Road, Nanxiang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai
Post        Edited: 201802
Contact number: 021-66278337
傳        True:021-66277267
Email: tuofeng@
Company Profile  
Established in 2005, Shanghai Tuofeng Special Paper Co., Ltd. is an emerging domestic joint venture that specializes in the production, processing and production of specialty papers for its customers. Its paper is made of soft and strong pure color paper, with good pull. Strong resistance to breakage, the main products are divided into three categories: industrial paper, packaging paper and household paper. Widely used in industries such as industry, chemistry, agriculture, medicine, food, machinery, electricity, energy, handicrafts, packaging art, printing, household, dyeing and so on. The company"s purpose: to create high-quality products, to meet customer needs, we sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to discuss cooperation, visit advice, to enthusiastic support, care about the development of our company, people, leaders, friends thank you!
Product display  
Oil-absorbing paper
Food paper
Coaster paper
Laundry label paper
Greaseproof paper
Lantern shade paper
Optical paper
Medical dialysis paper

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